Customer Success for the Planet

Verdensa partners with leaders of climate technology companies and climate venture firms to deliver climate and business outcomes with customer success

Climate Success Management

Extend the superpowers of your Customer Success team to collaboratively contribute to our larger climate goals

Customer Success Fundamentals

Exceeding your business and climate goals with Customer Success starts with a solid foundation

Supercharge your CT portfolio

Helping VCs evaluate portfolios by CS and NDR strength metrics and strategize on how/when to boost valuation with Climate Success

Meet Verdensa

Craig Vigor


Verdensa founder Craig Vigor is an executive leader in customer success, SaaS, data and analytics. Having spent decades scaling post sales functions to help organizations get insights and value out of their data with technology, Craig sees similarities in the cloud and data innovations of the past decade to where climate technology companies are in their evolution right now with an explosion of data and innovation. There's a tremendous opportunity to extend Customer Success industry best practices for the Climate tech space, as a force to bring us together towards climate goals on top of executing on the customer success fundamentals that lead to exceptional company growth and valuations.

From leading SaaS software companies' post sales teams to his consulting work, from startups to enterprise organizations, Craig has advised many businesses huge to tiny on getting value out of data and technology. Craig currently resides in Golden, Colorado with his family.


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