print(“Hello World”)

HELLO WORLD from Verdensa, the world’s first organization to make a contribution to climate impact by exploring how Customer Success can be an x-factor for climate companies working towards solutions to climate change. It has been shown that effective customer success practices lead to greater NRR, better profitability, and higher valuations for technology companies. Customer success acts as a superpower to guide customers to achieve the promise and value of the technology they are buying, and the climate needs this superpower to help climate technology companies and their customers meet and beat our climate goals.

Hello World! Like the millions of programmers across the world who have splashed this output on a screen in languages from Fortran to Python at the very start of their journey creating magic with code, Verdensa’s Hello World marks our embarking on the journey to bring, and extend, the best of Customer Success to the movement to ensure our planet is a habitable place for our children and grandchildren to thrive.

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