Verdensa helps climate technology companies accomplish both climate and business outcomes, from business strategy to targeted tactical improvements and everything in between. Delivered with the flexibility to meet you where your business needs are, from outcome-based deliverables to outsourced CS hands-on, tactical or strategic expertise.

Climate Success: The model for extending Customer Success SaaS best practices to help you manage to and exceed your customer’s climate and business goals. How is Customer Success in the field of Climate Tech different, and poised to be a game changer for leveraging the technology being created today to get us to net-zero?

Integrate the tracking and accomplishment of climate goals into your Customer Success methodology and practice
Unique to the climate space, we have the opportunity to collect, share and collaborate on our climate wins! Across customers and business sectors, Climate success can accelerate what’s working best by aggregating those accomplishments

Customer Success Fundamentals: Many climate technology companies are just getting started with building customer success teams to supercharge their business. Build the right foundation of CS core principles & best practices:

Create a scalable onboarding process that gets your customers on the fast track to reaching their goals, while also setting the foundation for their retention and growth
Build a framework for health scoring to know where the risk and opportunity is in your customer base and act on it
Segment your customers by touch models: define how to deliver the right engagement in the right way at the right time from your smallest to your largest customer
Know what your customers think, and say about the multiple touchpoints they have with you via surveying and NPS
Process, methodology, practices and tooling audit/evaluation & recommendations: for every area and topic within the Capability Model, assess and identify how to advance your abilities to scalably grow your business
Partner Success: leverage your customer success methodologies to build frameworks to make your partners successful

Portfolio strength for VC’s: Did you know that a 20% bump in a company’s NRR can equate to up to a 4X boost to valuation over 5 years? A solid customer success strategy and incremental steps towards execution helps companies grow NRR by 20% and more. Verdensa works with VCs to evaluate their portfolios to find where customer success can have the most impact. Do you or some of your early-stage ventures think it’s too early to start customer success? If they have 1 prospect, it’s not too early to build a roadmap and start incrementally with customer success.

Reach out here for advice, consultation, to take the next step, or just to geek out about customer success and/or climate!